Linda's Story

How you help our community’s children and youth.

Linda is 12 years old and has experienced significant trauma in her life, including witnessing domestic violence, unexpected loss of an extended family member and exposure to the ongoing struggles of addictions. Despite these challenges, and with the help of her Children’s Aid worker, Linda enrolled in a sporting activity that led her to excel and be recommended for a more advanced level of participation.

Through the Children’s Aid Foundation, the fees for Linda’s participation were covered. Her participation resulted in increased self-esteem, physical activity and greater socialization with her peers. It is hard to imagine where Linda might be if it had not been for the generous donations received through the Foundation that allowed her, and other children like her, to participate in activities that their families can’t afford.

Many children and youth who have experienced significant hardship in their lives do not have the same opportunities as others and to be given this opportunity will benefit Linda for years to come, and for this she says thank you!